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Heavy Industrial Construction services for the Energy & Chemicals, Infrastructure, Life Sciences & Advanced Manufacturing, Mining & Metals and Power markets in the United States.

Fluor Constructors performs work in locations throughout the United States. Fluor Constructors has successfully managed Client projects with over 70 million work hours in the last ten years. Across these industries, Fluor Constructors is proud to hire and train local building and construction trade union members.

Energy & Chemicals

Fluor Constructors serves the upstream, downstream, and integrated petrochemicals markets. Its expertise includes construction of new facilities, refineries, pipelines, and offshore facilities as well as retrofit and plant-betterment services.

Energy & Chemicals technical expertise in the U.S. includes:

•  Gas Processing and Gas Treating
•  Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)
•  Heavy Oil Upgrading & Oil Sands
•  Hydrocarbon Transportation & Pipelines
•  Petroleum Refining
•  Steam-Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD)
•  Sulfur Recovery
•  Utilities & Offsites


For both commercial Client infrastructure needs and government projects, Fluor Constructors provides comprehensive construction expertise in:

•  Aviation
•  Bridges
•  Ports and Marine Terminals
•  Rail and Transit
•  Telecommunications
•  Toll Roads and Highways

Life Sciences & Advanced Manufacturing

Fluor Constructors delivers construction solutions to address the challenges of Clients in life sciences, advanced manufacturing and water.

•  Biotechnology
•  Pharmaceuticals
•  Medical Devices
•  Carbon-Based Materials
•  Silicon-Based Materials
•  Glass-Based Materials
•  Consumer Products
•  Food & Beverage
•  Water

Mining & Metals

The United States has rich mineral and metal resources. Fluor Constructors brings noted expertise in:

•  Alumina and Bauxite
•  Coal
•  Copper
•  Diamond
•  Gold
•  Iron Ore
•  Mineral Sands
•  Nickel
•  Uranium


Fluor Constructors has broad experience in the power generation and distribution segment including:

•  Gas / Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC)
•  Solid-fueled
•  Nuclear
•  Renewable Energy – Wind, Solar, Polysilicon, Biofuels
•  Outages and Turnovers
•  Environmental Compliance
•  Transmission