Fossil Plant Services, West Region

Tennessee Valley Authority
Western Tennessee and Kentucky
Fossil Plant Services, West Region
Fluor entered into a partnering agreement with the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) to provide modification services at six solid-fueled power plants in Western Tennessee and Kentucky. The contract was performed on a cost reimbursable basis with performance incentives. Fluor subsidiary Fluor Constructors International, Inc. (FCII) and another Fluor subsidiary provided craft labor and supervision, safety management, project controls, subcontract administration, and field engineering.
Client Issues
TVA required rapid mobilization of resources for cyclical outage-related modification and capital improvement work. The project was comprised of six sites and 32 units with a combined capacity of 10,640 MW.
The six plant site organizations were supported by a regional office located in Nashville, Tennessee. The regional office provided a full range of support services to the six sites on an as-needed basis, utilizing staff resources from Fluor, FCII and other Fluor entities.
Fluor and FCII were active participants in TVA’s Total Quality Management process, especially focused on employee improvement activities.

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